Kitchen Cabinet Designs

The kitchen is the soul of any house serving a purpose for family and friends get together, for discussions  and importantly a place for celebrating meals ;offering warmth as well as delicious aromas .So they need not only be functional rather stylish and creative. Kitchen cabinet design is an easy, speedy and cheaper method of remodeling a kitchen. In cabinet refacing, we just need to replace the drawers and old doors of the cabinet by new ones.

PVC should be used as a cabinet material because it has self colours, costs less, is water proof and resistant to termites, a good fire retardant, doesn’t require maintenance, less labor cost and the basic thing is that the period of installation is also short as compared to wood in which we need to coat, is costly, is not resistant to water, needs varnishing at last, requires a high labor cost and the period of installation is also large. The materials used for making cabinet box can be plywood, medium-density fiberboard and particleboard .However, most of the times the box and the cabinet door are made of separate materials and finally they are applied with the same finish to provide a unifying look. Solid wood and MDF can be used for making drawers.

Modern kitchen cabinets designs are made of teak wood which provides resistance against water and termites providing them durability and can also have properly laminated boards. It is essential that they are designed in such a way that they have sufficient space, a number of boxes and a big slab for easy kitchen work. The appearance of these cabinets is enhanced if glasses are provided in them, giving it distinct look. Apart from this, one can have endless variety of door shapes and styles. The materials and shapes that match the overall choice of style should be selected. For example-a slab door should be considered if the kitchen has a stainless steel look, however, one can go for the raised cathedral panel, for the flowery look of the kitchen. Slab doors that look like a flat wood or a metal can be chosen, if one likes cleaning of lines. Another door style is raised panel door. For further elegance, the edge profile is routed. Next comes the recessed panel door styling which comprises of a flat panel inside a frame made with tenon and miter or mortise joints resulting in a simple country picture frame like appearance. One can also use Curved panel doors for kitchen cabinet designs. For a country style look, bead board panels that uses routed beading can be used and are generally found in recessed panels. Another design is routed cabinet door in which a single piece of MDF is shaped to appear like a raised panel on the door, that is then painted or laminated. A floating panel allows the wood to move freely as the humidity of the kitchen changes.

The kitchen cabinet designs should be selected in such a way that it enhances the beauty of the kitchens, giving a shape to our imaginations and thus, helps to bring our thoughts alive.