Kitchen Design Solutions

A house is a place where we live in. It’s a place where we can rest, have fun, and eat. Most people give more importance to their private rooms, because it’s the place where they stay most of the time. But what many people don’t realize is that one of the most important places in the house is the kitchen. For it is the place where we eat, get nourishment, and as for Feng Shui, it is the place that represents nourishment and prosperity. So it means that we need to give equal importance to our kitchens too. That’s why there is the need to know about the various kitchen designs that are possible.

Feng Shui says that the how you design your kitchen can influence or affect your health and prosperity. Well, there are different Feng Shui practices, because there are many schools and practitioners, resulting to different advices too. But even though there are different practices, there are basic Feng Shui principles that are applicable to all.

First thing to take note in a Feng Shui kitchen design is the location of the kitchen in the house. If you are working with new construction, the kitchen is to be in the back of the house or behind the centerline of the house. The reason is that it is better not to see the kitchen immediately upon entering the house for it bring up nutritional, digestive, and eating problems. It can also mean that a guest will enter the house, eat, and then leave immediately. It also encourages the people to eat often.

The tip about the kitchen’s position is effective, but we can’t always decide where the kitchen is to be placed because what about you are not working with new construction and already live in a built house, condo or apartment and the kitchen is at the house’s entry point? Well, there is no need panic. There are many ways to solve that problem. You can put different beautiful, attracting, and eye-catching decorations so that the people will notice it upon entering the house. You can place paintings, louvered doors, flowers, and many more. Just be creative. In that way, upon entering the house, the attention of the guests or inhabitants will be diverted to these decorations, and not on the kitchen. And having more decorations will give you more attractive kitchen designs.

Another thing to remember is the cook’s position in the kitchen. The cook should always be in “commanding position” when at the stove. What is commanding position? It is the position that the cook can see the doorway without turning away from the stove. But again, what about those who already have their kitchens fixed in another way? An easy solution is to place reflective materials, such as mirrors; the bigger, the more powerful. This way, the doorway can be seen, without turning away.

There are many other kitchen design possibilities aside from Feng Shui. The important thing is to be creative.